Velox V8 PRO upgrade kit

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Velox V8 PRO upgrade kit

Team Shepherd is happy to announce the release of the European Championship winning Velox V8 PRO Conversion set. The kit contains all parts needed to upgrade the Velox V8 to the latest version which was used by Jilles Groskamp and Daniel Sieber to win the Euros A and B.

The new lower front arms are equipped with small uniballs for a stepless adjustement of the front anti-roll bar linkage while the CNC-machined aluminium bulkheads made of 7075 T6 aluminium sport a support for the ball-raced wire anti-roll bar as well as plastic bushing for the one-way ball bearings.

Also the updated middle bearing block and the gear shaft bearing blocks are equipped with plastic inserts for less vibrations and a smoother running of the ball bearings. The new 8mm gearbox shaft is hollow-bored for less rotating mass and a better acceleration and features a much smaller 2-speed adapter and new aluminium adapters for the plastic pulleys.

Link: Team Shepherd

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