Tic Racing Manic Mini Stox 1/12th Kit

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Manic Mini Stox 1/12th Kit

The Manic Mini Stox kit is a 1/12th scale electric RC car kit designed and manufactured in the UK by TIC Racing. TIC Racing are the UK’s largest stockist of 1/12th Oval spares, supplies and accessories and are based in Haverhill, Suffolk.

TIC Racing has their own track, runs an Oval club every Saturday night at their shop, has three sponsored drivers who compete in the BRCA Oval Nationals and sponsors the UK’s only dedicated 1/12th Oval forum CarpetOval.com

TIC Racing, started by double BRCA Banger National Champion Russell Payne in 2008, spent 12 months developing this (their first) kit from the ground up. All new tooling has been made for the plastic parts on this kit, and aircraft grade materials were used in the metal components.

This kit was designed to fit the BRCA Mini Stox class regulations. The BRCA MiniStox class is based around the full size sport of MiniStox racing – a popular oval class where bumpers are fitted to the front and rear of a Mini and it’s raced around dirt (shale) and tarmac ovals across the country. The emphasis of the scale version of Ministox racing is, like the full size, to have a basic racecar with minimal modifications and tune-ups allowed to ensure car setup and driving skill are the key factors in succeeding.

In fact, the BRCA’s 1/12th Oval Ministox class doesn’t even allow suspension on the car!
With no suspension allowed, the design of the components of the Manic Mini Stox were crucial – the car had to handle great out of the box (even for beginners!) whilst being light and super-tough. The BRCA Oval section is the only one where contact is not only allowed but encouraged, so a tough car is absolutely crucial!

The front and rear bumpers of the car were made from a unique blend of plastics to make them tough but light, and were 3D modelled and digital physics tested before production to ensure they would take as much abuse as a racer can throw at them. In fact, prototypes were tested with a 5 pound club hammer!

The wishbones and motor blocks are made of a revolutionary plastic compound designed for TIC by motorsports plastics engineers to ensure they’re light but strong without being brittle, and the GRP chassis is designed to flex and twist to allow the car to handle great even in this unusual suspension-free class!

The 5 spoke wheels included with the kit were modelled on a real Oval racing wheel; TIC sourced a wheel, had it laser scanned in 3d then shrank it down to 1/12th scale. This process has never been done before for the 1/12th oval market and has proved a massive success with racers.

The ABS bodyshell included is required by the BRCA rules, but their tough design is actually perfect for this type of racing – lexan shells don’t last very long in full contact classes!
Thanks to the resounding success of this kit, TIC Racing is planning a number of other 1/12th electric kits and parts, to be released in 2013.

The kits are available from TICRacing.com priced at £69.95

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