Serpent S411/411 Geardiff V2 composite

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Serpent S411/411 Geardiff V2 composite

Geardiff V2 composite Lighter geardifferential with composite gears and hardcoated alu outdrives; less rotating mass and smoother Used with great success in the 411 Eryx in the DHI Cup and ETS-2, both podium finishes.

The geardiff housing is super compact and light already. For the new diff the small and large gears inside are made from a very durable and smooth composite, and the alu axles ar replaced by a composite X-shape axle . The steel drivecups are replaced by hard-coated alumnium ones. The result is less rotating mass and smoother diff action.

401593 Outdrive alu for geardiff V2 composite (2)
401594 Diff gear 10T+18T for geardiff V2 composite (4+2)
401595 Geardiff x-shaft for geardiff V2 composite

The sintered gears and still be used in the diff-case, and some drivers also combine alu and composite gears for different gear-diff feel/ action

Suitable for:
Serpent S411 1/10th 190mm
Serpent S411 190mm Sport
Serpent S411 190mm Ready-to-race
Serpent 411 Limited Edition 2011
Serpent S411 190mm Team Edition
Serpent 411 Eryx 2.0 190mm

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