Ryan Lutz Wins At Psycho Nitro Blast

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Ryan Lutz Wins At Psycho Nitro Blast

Hot from the recent success of Team Durango at the recent Cactus Classic, our pro team driver Ryan Lutz has triumphed against a formidable field of world-class racers at the annual Psycho Nitro Blast event. The Unadilla track in Georgia was to host a truly epic battle across both nitro and electric 8th scale classes. Ryan was very excited to be attending the event after his multi-class successes for Team Durango during the last few months.

In true ‘Lutzinator’ style, Ryan returned with a very pleasing first overall in the fast paced 8th scale pro nitro buggy class. Ryan also performed to a solid TQ status during qualifying with his DNX408T, making very quick pace in the pro nitro Truggy class.

In true super star style, Ryan won his nitro buggy class by 20 seconds, and even managed a victory back-flip over the final triple, giving the Team Durango fans a real show-mans finish to his very professional performance.

Ryan Lutz continues his strong domestic performance across all classes for Team Durango, and his world-class pace can only contribute an even stronger focus towards his upcoming World Championship 10th scale campaign. Team Durango congratulate Ryan for all of his recent success. We understand that the fastest racers always need the fastest cars. The DNX408v2 has once again proven itself as a class winning precision racing machine.

Link: Team Durango

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