My Laps RC4 Timing And Data System

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My Laps RC4 Timing And Data

The MYLAPS RC4 Timing System is the next generation RC timing system. It unlocks the new RC4 features such as Car ID, Temperature & Voltage. Like the known MYLAPS RC timing system, the RC4 system offers an easy to use, accurate and reliable timing solution for both indoor and outdoor racing.

The RC4 system works perfectly in races and training sessions. It keeps track of race standings, lap counts and lap times. All results can automatically be uploaded to so racers can check and analyze their performance on the spot. You will never have disputes on close finishes again! Furthermore, to advance improvement, the RC4 system can measure both the connected voltage and the ambient temperature in the car. For the RC4, racers have the option of choosing
their own 7-digit unique transponder number! The new system also makes multiple car IDs possible.

Racers can now have up to 7 transponders with the same number, separated by an extra digit: the car ID. No more hassle when racing more than one vehicle!
Free online account: Racers can check, analyze and share all of their training laps and race results at

The ambient temperature and connected voltage in the car is available on racers’ accounts. This data will make specific focusing
points very clear so racers can learn and improve quickly.

Link: FEMCA & My Laps

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