LRP VTEC G32, Pre-glued Asphalt

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 LRP VTEC G32, Pre-glued Asphalt

The VTEC G32 are the further development of the extremely successful VTEC 30X tyres. Their completely new rubber compound results in improved traction and highest durability.

Therefore, they’re perfectly suited for touring car competition racing on the highest level. Their top performance, best controllability and vibration-free running make the VTEC G32 stand out.

The VTEC G32 pre-glued wheels consist of controlled tyres, controlled rims and controlled inserts, perfectly mounted and glued. Just unpack, mount, race and win! The new pre-glued wheels are sold in a set of four.

VTEC G32 – The best choice for TC asphalt races at normal temperatures!

Link: LRP

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