JQ Products – THE100 Program

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JQ Products - THE100 Program

At JQProducts we always felt like we are in the same boat with our customers, because just a short while ago, that is who we were! Even now we are at the racetrack as often as possible, because we love it. Our goal is to make the best possible products, and to do so we need feedback and help. For the most honest and diverse feedback, it is best to speak directly with customers.

This is why we have decided to start a new program, THE100 where we will be working directly with up to 100 of our most trusted customers. Because surely, if you are spending your hard earned cash on our products, and you are passionate enough about this hobby that you test and provide us with reports, we will get your true opinions. Of course you want to maximise your enjoyment, even if it means sending us some constructive criticism! Here are the main points of the program:

Want to make a difference? Join THE JQ100 Team.

What You Get!

If selected,

You will get a JQ THE100 membership card and number.

You will be able to purchase un-released JQ Products vehicles, spare parts and option parts, weeks, or even months before official release directly from JQ HQ in Finland.

You will have first choice for Limited Edition products.

You will be able to purchase personalised items on special occasions.

You will be working directly with JQ R&D, developing the products you purchase.

You will get more out of this great hobby!

What We Want!

If selected,

You will be required to send us report forms concerning the performance of the product.

You will be required to actively promote the new product localy at the track, and internationally on the internet.

You will be required to be honest, and not sugarcoat your reports. You have nothing to lose by pointing out faults, and also nothing to gain by undeserved praise. Remember, we are not easily offended!

How can you become part of THE100? Easy, just send us a resume including the following to the100@jq-products.com:





Pictures of yourself, and of your cars

and a reply to the question: Why should YOU be part of THE100?


Link: JQ Products

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