DEX210 – Rear Motor Configuration For 2013 Season

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DEX210 – Rear Motor Configuration For 2013 Season

With a new racing calendar well and truly underway, we thought it the perfect time to re-introduce some of the very exciting features that can be found on our DEX210 2WD buggy.

Our Hybrid Technology is unique. It not only allows you to choose to run your DEX210 in either rear or mid-motor configuration, but also allows you to choose whether you want the motor to be on the left, or the right of the buggy. With the recent opening of dedicated dirt tracks in the UK, and the popularity of clay based tracks across the world, your DEX210′s Hybrid Technology is ready for action.

It is generally accepted that a rear motor 2WD car performs especially well on clay or dirt track surfaces. The DEX210 in rear motor configuration will give you the handling characteristics that you will need to not just compete on low traction surfaces, but also win. With no extra parts needed from those supplied in the DEX210 kit, nor any complicated or time consuming conversion procedures required, the DEX210 is versatile straight out of the box. The ability to tune the weight distribution of your motor position, and also optimise your DEX210 for loose or low grip surfaces, will assist you to improve your racing results. All these options are accessible to you without the need to alter your suspension geometry. Truly ‘Hybrid Technology’.


The DEX210 is also supplied with a specially designed body that will fit all of the motor configurations with no extra parts needed. Our custom designed cowl system is supplied to assist with full chassis coverage in any chosen configuration.


The recent release of our new ‘Plus 8mm Cab Forward’ Team Durango body set will also allow your DEX210 to be configured to a diverse range of track surfaces and racing conditions. Click the following link to view this super cool Team Durango body design:

Combine this new body set with our optional Plus 8mm DIMEC20 chassis plate and your DEX210 off-road racing options expand even further. Click the following link to buy your DIMEC20 chassis:

If you are looking for a professional 2WD off-road race kit with the highest level of flexibility. If you are looking for cool aggressive looks with the precision engineering of seasoned motor sport experts. If you are looking to win on a diverse range of track surfaces from high traction Astroturf to low grip compacted clay. The DEX210 is the buggy to put you in the winner’s circle.

You may imagine that a pro racing buggy with such a high world class specification would also carry a high price tag? You will be happy to learn that you can own your own race winning DEX210 for a very competitive price. Hybrid Technology is ready for 2013. Whatever the racing throws up, Team Durango are ready for the challenge.

Link: Team Durango

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