Castle Creations Conversion Kit For FG 1/5th

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Castle Creations Conversion Kit For FG 1/5th

There’s fast, and then there’s Castle fast*. The time has come to combine the excellent FG 2WD chassis with Castle’s jaw-dropping 1/5th scale brushless power system…. Announcing Castle’s FG 2WD conversion kit. The kit includes all the brackets, gears, bolts and nuts needed to strap a Castle Mamba XL2 and a Castle 20 series motor into most FG 2WD chassis.

Installation is a snap, simply strip out the smelly noise maker and bolt in Castle power.*

Legal mumbo jumbo:
This product is solely the work of Castle Creations, Inc. FG is a trademark of the FG Modellsport GmbH. Use of that trademark in no way signifies approval or endorsement of this product by FG.

Castle cannot guarantee fit of this product with all FG chassis. Castle recommends users print the part drawings and confirm fitment prior to purchase. Slight modifications to the FG chassis may be required in some instances.






Link: Castle Creations Conversion Kit For FG

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