Caster Racing The All New V3 S10B Kit

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Caster Racing The All New V3 S10B Kit

Once again Caster is moving the ball forward exponentially with the US version 1/10 4wd pro kit code named Perfect 10. Balanced like the fusion, designed like a Callaway golf club. This is the perfect kit for racing.

S10B suits with T6 High Grade Aircraft Aluminum Chassis with precision CNC work with counter sunk screws holes design. Lightened design to reduce the weight of the kit. The reason that we use the aluminum chassis is the powerful brushless systems that we have available in the market, and everyone who is racing use those powerful brushless systems. The weight has become a less important issue but strength has become a more important factor in the development of the S10B pro buggy.

4WD Shaft Drive system
S10B comes with fully upgraded option parts. It is a 4 wheel shaft drive kit. The most direct and powerful drive train available in the market. Again we have raised the bar for such an affordable product with so many option parts and CNC work on our kits that you don’t need to spend extra money to upgrade the kits.
Super Low CG Racing Style Lexan Body
S10B comes with a clear Lexan body. Super low profile styling gives S10B.1 the lowest center of gravity (CG) possible. Body material is supplied by the highest Japanese quality standard.

Adjustable Slipper Clutch for Center Diff
The adjustable slipper center diff clutch gives the kit a most direct and easy adjustment on the drive line to your driving style. Center diff gear is made with special light weight POM material (Germany). This special material provides a light weight function with a long lasting durable product with considerable wear time if properly greased. Center Gear is a 80T with 48pitch. It will run with any of the pinion gears available with 48 pitch as that is industry standard for 1/10.
Weight Balance & Center Support Plate
S10B comes with one of the most weight and balanced designs. Power is supplied with 7.2V saddle pack lipo style batteries. Where the motor sits and with the proper rotation direction, it gives the car correct balance in the jumps and corrects the chassis position during jumps. The T6 aircraft aluminum gives the car best support on the market for proper flex and maximum durability.

Link: Caster Racing USA

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