Bullitt Paddy Piston Cup 2013 Victory

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Paddy Piston Cup 2013 Victory

The annual Paddy Piston Race held just outside Belfast in the Emerald Isle this weekend, a little earlier in the year than usual. The date change seemed to bring with it a change in luck with the weather, as the race was dry unlike previous years when rain has prevailed.

Bullitt engines were strong throughout the field with previous winner Graham Alsop, Jon Hazlewood, Richard Cree, Barkley Abernethey and the entire contingent of the Irish Bullitt team on hand. The track was as always immaculate and certainly one the very best tracks in the UK and Europe.

5 Bullitt engines filled the top 10 after the 7 rounds of qualifying, which gives the drivers plenty of track time in which to get their cars set up and them selves tuned into the track.

The main final was a great battle between Graham Alsop, and local star Bradley Baird. The race was back and forth between the two, when eventually Graham was able to ease away to take the win, his Bullitt B-219 performing faultlessly throughout the event.

Bullitt 219 Nitro Engine

Displacement 3.49cc
Output 2.6hp
Bore 16.27mm
Stroke 16.8mm
R.P.M. Range 4,000-40,000r.p.m.
Weight 355g

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