Active Hobby TT01 Steering Parts

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Active Hobby Steering Parts

Active Hobby release new optional steering parts for the Tamiya TT01. These dramatically increase the steering angle up-to 50 degrees and a caster angle of 12 degrees. Some modifications are needed if you want full 50 degree steering angle. Without modification the tyre will hit the chassis on full lock. The aluminium parts come in 4 colours blue, silver, red and black.


To reach above 35 degrees of steering angle you will also need the carbon fibre parts part number STR162 TT01.



Without the use of the carbon fibre steering plate maximum angle / degrees caster: 0 to 35 degrees.


Option 1 using carbon steering plate 47 degrees angle / maximum degree caster 0.


Option 2 using carbon steering plate 50 degrees angle of 7 degrees caster Out.


Option 3 using carbon plate steering caster angle 12 degrees 50 degrees or more Out. As you can see from the illustration above you will need to modify your chassis.

Link: Active Hobby

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